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Ecopostural displays their new products at the trade fair TheraPro 2019 (Stuttgart)

Stuttgart has hosted a new edition of TheraPro from 25th to 27th January, a reference in the field of therapy, rehabilitation and prevention in Southern Germany. Ecopostural, enhancing his commitment to the German market, has attended the trade fair and has displayed their newest products of health furniture.

This 7th edition of TheraPro has turned to be a consolidated event offering the health professionals the opportunity to become familiar with the new products and also to broaden their knowledge thanks to the 5 congress run in parallel to the fair.

The quality of their products, the colour richness of the displayed models, the innovative technology such as the new bearing system in the electric / hydraulic tables have constituted the main attraction of the Ecopostural booth which has welcomed a great number of visitors.

TheraPro exhibition brings Ecopostural a unique occasion to show their wide range of tables, stools, chairs, and accessories 2018-2019 to the huge market of German health professionals. A new sign proving the commitment of the company to growth and an enhanced positioning of Ecopostural brand in Central European countries.